Monday, June 17, 2013

Get Beneficial Stylish Combo Offers From Cera

Cera Sanitary ware comes up with a big bang. We have declared a combo offer on various products. Now you can buy two products in a single price with the help of our combo offer. This combo offer is available for a limited period of time so be fast and book your order as soon as possible.

Our combo offer contains the following:

We have declared combo offer with various products. Here is the list of EWCs available on which you can get a Mirror with Tray free. We have also provided options in mirrors so you can choose the free mirror as per you like.
Carter + Mirror with Tray
Clive + Mirror with Tray
Cristy + Mirror with Tray
Cori + Mirror with Tray
Corbet + Mirror with Tray
Carmen + Mirror with Tray
Claremont EWCs + Mirror with Tray

The following is the list of Wash Basins on which you can get the Mirror with a tray at free of cost. Choose any of the following wash basins and take a stunning designed mirror home without paying a penny.
Crest + Mirror with Tray
Conway + Mirror with Tray
Cara + Mirror with Tray
Cedar + Mirror with Tray
So what you are waiting for? This is the most beneficial combo offer ever you get from these types of reputed brands. This combo offer is available till 24th June, 2013 only so don’t miss this chance.

Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. is India’s fastest growing brand of sanitary ware. Our products are highly recommended by the people because of latest designs and reasonable costs. Our showrooms are available in various major cities of India so people can visit it and choose the required product from there. Our product list contains sanitary ware, faucets, Bathroom fittings, tiles, EWCs, Wash Basins, Kitchen Sinks and various other designer products. We have also made our business online so people can see as well as buy products from there without any type of physical efforts. Design Your Bathroom is our creative discovery where a person can design his/her own bathroom with various products and can see the virtual 3D view.


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