Thursday, February 6, 2014

Steam Shower Room or Multifunction cubicle

Steam baths have been renowned for thousands of years now. CERA as a bathroom solutions company was very early in recognizing  the therapeutic value of Steam Shower Rooms.
Choosing the right Steam Shower Room for you or your client can be a complex or puzzling task. Here we can guide you down through the process of choosing the right steam shower room for your client

Steam shower room
Steam Showers may come in various sizes & varieties – you as a buyer or referee that fits your needs the best. Steam Showers can have different features that can enhance your shower experience.

Material used
The types of material used in a Steam Shower will mostly be a combination of Acrylic, PVC, Metal & Aluminum. PVC though cheaper, is not often reliable or long lasting. The glasses used here are generally tempered or toughened glass. These glasses are safe for they turn into fragments of small pieces with no edges upon breaking. Generally consumers are concerned about finger prints on metal portion of Steam Showers which disturb the aesthetics of the piece, but now a days most of the Steam Shower use finger print-free finish for their metallic portions.  
So while buying or referring a Steam Shower you should keep these things in mind.

Need for Steam Shower Room
The main reason why a Steam Shower is called so, is because it has steam generator & ventilator for inflow & exhaust of steam. Steam Shower Rooms are both enjoyable & beneficial to both mental & physical health.
A typical CERA Steam Shower Room is an enclosure with steam head to release steam, wherein the temperature is usually between 115 to 125 degrees.  
The five basic advantages of Steam Showers are:
      1. Steam rooms alleviate stress & tension, they also help in relaxing muscles & joints.
      2. Steam baths aid in healing injuries & joint pains
      3. It benefits the skin by deep cleansing it & improve complexion
      4. It boosts immune systems & increases metabolism
      5. Prevents sinuses & cold

Steam Showers may or may not come with whirlpool bath tubs. A typical model like CERA’s 8712 Czar or 8713 Cubit come with whirlpool & is meant for 2 people giving a romantic edge to it. Many a model do not come with whirlpool, but what they lack in functionality they surely make it up with aesthetics & style.
Most Steam Showers do also come with multiple water jets for hydro body massage. At least 6 number of massage jets should be there for ideal experience. Along with body message a CERA Steam Shower will come with a foot massager for relaxing your muscles.
Rain shower along with hand shower is a must when it comes to choosing a Steam Shower Room as not always you will like to use body massager.
For a more enriching & complete shower experience see that your Steam Shower Room has a hot & cold mixer along with diverter.
Every multifunction steam shower should have a multifunction panel for controlling & operating various functions available in it. Multi fucntions steam showers from CERA go a step ahead by providing FM Radio & hands free telephonic reception which enables you to take calls while enjoying your long soothing evening steam bath.
A mirror with shampoo holder & towel rack won’t be bad additions to your Multi function steam shower room.  Given that you don’t have fetch for things in and out, so you can just be in and relax.
CERA multifunctions steam shower room come in various price range owing to the types of material they use and the functionality they offer. Ensure that the multifunction has multiple diverter system that provides water to each of the jets & shower parts independently thus allowing you to use multiple functions at the same time.

Technical Aspects for Professionals
Ensure that the tempered or toughened glass in the Multifunction steam shower room is at least 5 mm in thickness. Before opening the packets one should go through the installation manual or installation video thoroughly.
Marking water heads, drainage hole & power points is a prerogative before undertaking actual installation. For dimensions you can follow the instruction manual that invariably comes with each Multifunction.
In case of a Multifunction steam shower room like CZAR, which comes from the house of CERA, installation video is also available. For CZAR, which also comes with whirlpool,  the drainage hole will ideally be 50 mm in dia & the hot & cold inlet pipes will be 12 mm ones.
In case of all Multifunction Steam Shower room, an ideal height of water heads & electrical lines should be maintained for smooth operations.
A multifunction steam shower room should also be Easy to clean & maintain, Durable & aesthetically appealing giving you shower area a stylish look. CERA’s CZAR Multi function Steam Shower Room fits the bill perfectly
We sincerely hope that this article will aid you in choosing the right Multifunction steam shower room for you or your clients. For any other technical assistance please do write to us